Day One…. Whew…

The first day started off pretty smooth… We boarded our American Airlines flight and reached LAX in California with no problems. We even managed to get our Korean Air tickets pretty easily and made it to our gate with little problems…. However, once we got there we had to wait, and wait and wait.

It turned out our flight to Incheon near Seoul, South Korea was delayed due to connecting flight delays. We didn’t worry much and boarded our flight for the oncoming 13 hour flight.

We got served a full course meal, the first of two! It was actually pretty good. I got some beef dish and Kyndra got chicken, it came with all the fixings… Including some amazing hot sauce that I loved called Gochujang paste. I’m a huge fan now. I observed the lady next to me using it indiscriminately and I definitely followed suit. On top of that, I saw someone in front of me watching Back to the Future with Korean subtitles. Score! I’ve never been on an intentional flight before and this plane was HUGE, plus had awesome touch screens filled with brand new movies. I watched Coco and I think that just came out like yesterday. Coco was only okay by the way….

The touch screens on our seats also included cameras where you could view live stream from the tail, bottom, and front of the aircraft. It was awesome!! The second picture above you can see we still had 6 and a half hours left… I already felt like it had been forever.

Eventually we arrived in South Korea and we instantly knew something was up when they asked large amounts of the passengers to stay behind in the lobby outside the gate. Eventually we found out that our original flight had left and they offered free accommodations for us for the night and would have a bus take us to the airport to catch a new flight to Tokyo tomorrow morning.

So here we are, staying at a nice Hyatt in Incheon, South Korea… We’re pretty tired now, so time to hit the hay… Delays aside its been a fun adventure and we made the best of it. More to come….

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